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Another word for shit
That shnazz was soo fucking lame, I can't believe we even showed up

shnazz all over my face (may not make sense, but sounds good)
#shit #crap #stuff #thing #fuck
by BriiBrii June 10, 2008
describes anything awesome, or can be used in place of gravy in certain situations.
"thats so shnazz" said susan.

"its all shnazz" said paul.
#awesome #snazzy #gravy #shnazzy #good
by tella August 08, 2007
THE best word/made up word in the world. can be the replacement of ANY swear word in the english language.

A Shnazzing Lesson:

Go fuck yourself - go shnazz yourself
Shithead - shnazzhead
God dammit - GOD SHNAZZIT

also can be used as any random interjection without being able to be yelled at for swearing.

"What the shnazz?"
"Oh god, i just stepped in the giant pile of dog shnazz"
#fuck #shit #damn #bitch #swear
by Nathan Von Metalhead January 27, 2006
Joint, sometimes referred to as a Marijuana Cigarette. Totally illegal in the USA but in Canada everyone smokes it, no-one really gives a shit.
Grab that sac of weed and roll up a shnazz!
#joint #weed #ganja #marijuana cigarette #smoke
by deevster January 13, 2008
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