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shmork is not a word
shmork, that's not a word
#smorky #fake #not a word #alias #antonym
by notaword August 07, 2011
a verb used to describe a type of kissing... badly; one's tongue is curved (the "spoon") and the other's is bent up (the "fork"), making the lip-lock very uncomfortable. The "fork" in the kiss is the aggressive person..almost stabbing the other participant.
Girl 1: OMG i just saw you making out with that guy over there!.. he keeps looking around for you-what are you doing?

Girl 2: we need to leave NOW ! he's got to be THE worst kisser in the world... just shmorked me basically.

Girl 1: ahhh. the shmork. that's sickkkkkk.
#kiss #make out #lip lock #snog #peck #smooch #lick
by Gennifer Nolak February 25, 2008
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