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A pet-name given to another to express their admiration and affection towards that individual.
good morning shmoppy, you look so beautiful in the morning time.
by scarlett January 05, 2004
A sickening-sweet term of endearment, as used back & forth by Jerry Seinfeld and his girlfriend. Usage of this sugar-laiden nickname can bring ones friends near to the point of vomit.
"Hi, Shmoopy-Shmoopy-Shmoopy!!"
by Joe Mancini December 22, 2003
a term of endearment, someone you love very much
I love you good, shmoopy.
by lenny peer May 02, 2005
An annoying nickname that you say repeatedly your pet.
Aww Evie look at you, your a little shmoopy !
by bballkid99 November 14, 2009
one who dips hand into toilet for fallen objects.
ahhh I dropped my phone in the toilet, i will just reach in and grab it. haha you Shmoopy.
by toilt_training101 March 22, 2011
cuddly adjective. Used by people named sam a lot to describe a gopher.
My shmoopy gopher is the coolest person in the whole enitre world
by Tylerswain02188 January 04, 2008