cuddly adjective. Used by people named sam a lot to describe a gopher.
My shmoopy gopher is the coolest person in the whole enitre world
by Tylerswain02188 January 04, 2008
Top Definition
A sickening-sweet term of endearment, as used back & forth by Jerry Seinfeld and his girlfriend. Usage of this sugar-laiden nickname can bring ones friends near to the point of vomit.
"Hi, Shmoopy-Shmoopy-Shmoopy!!"
by Joe Mancini December 22, 2003
a term of endearment, someone you love very much
I love you good, shmoopy.
by lenny peer May 02, 2005
A pet-name given to another to express their admiration and affection towards that individual.
good morning shmoppy, you look so beautiful in the morning time.
by scarlett January 05, 2004
An annoying nickname that you say repeatedly your pet.
Aww Evie look at you, your a little shmoopy !
by bballkid99 November 14, 2009
one who dips hand into toilet for fallen objects.
ahhh I dropped my phone in the toilet, i will just reach in and grab it. haha you Shmoopy.
by toilt_training101 March 22, 2011
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