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To relax (usually at home)
Yo, you wanna hit the club tonight?
Naw man imma shmiggle, too tired from work.
by gr33ncl0wn January 23, 2009
1.A catchphrase off Ch4's Bo Selecta! programme for a member of the Beatles's.
2.An expression of dispair.
3.An expression of delight.
1."Look it's Yoko with a yoyo,shmiggles"
2."Oh f*cking shmiggles!"
3."Hehehe yes!Shmiggles"
by jeff24 April 13, 2004
The word "shmiggles" refers to the little bits of ecstasy left at the bottom of a baggie.
Hey man, anything left in that bag? Any shmiggles at all?
by NinjaRobotPanda July 09, 2015
a human of the male species who recycles disses is a hipster is gay for the strokes and if aftaid of whales
girl: you are such a shmiggle
boy: whats a shmiggle?
by itsnotamaracaitsashmiggle July 20, 2011
an old man who who uses devices to please himself during his retired, lonely times.
Haha, look at that shmiggle, cant even get none no more.
by non-shmiggle August 15, 2010
When one is tricked, mislead, or robbed.
Hey holmes, that chico stole my money that i gave him so he can buy me some bud.

Hahaha you got shmiggled. ;)
by Dike Jones September 03, 2008
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