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A penis that a shaped like a pickle. (Not to be confused with shmeat )
Girl: Is your dick big?
Man: I got that shmickle bitch of course.
Girl: Ooooh 😋
by Big Gucci Micah January 21, 2016
Usually a scally hailing from the city of culture of Liverpool. Has curly hair and a moustache and needs to be educated. Often mistaken for a builder and kicked out of 24 hour study places
Guard: No Shmickles, you a builder
Shmickles: No honestly i've got a stoody card
by Kwame April 22, 2005
when a girl sucks on your dick and tickles your balls. blowjobhummer
I recieved a shmickle from the hoe for
five bucks.
by Capt. Destructo aka. Arkball April 30, 2005
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