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What does Shmeow look like?

* Shmeow comes in a clear liquid and a white or off-white powder form.

How is Shmeow used?

* Shmeow is a tranquilizer most commonly used on animals.

* The liquid form can be injected, consumed in drinks, or added to smokable materials.

* The powder form can be used for injection when dissolved.

* In certain areas, Shmeow is being injected intramuscularly.

Who uses Shmeow?

* Shmeow, along with the other "club drugs," has become popular among teens and young adults at dance clubs and "raves."

How does Shmeow get into the United States?

* Marketed as a dissociative general anesthetic for human and veterinary use, the only known source of Shmeow is via diversion of pharmaceutical products.

* Recent press reports indicate that a significant number of veterinary clinics are being robbed specifically for their Shmeow stock.

* DEA reporting indicates that a major source of Shmeow in the United States is product diverted from pharmacies in Mexico.
Shmeow now or Shmeow later? SHMEOW ALL THE TIME!
Shmeow me!!!!
by Shmylers bestfriend; Kqueen October 29, 2009
When you say shmeow you:
Feel good,
Have nothign better to say
Want to annoy someone
Just like to say the word. (I do it all the time, its addictive)
Me:Well E=MCshmeow.
Me: Shmeow.
You: <3
by Wumbo August 20, 2006
Saying shemow is indication that:
-your in a state of feeling good
-you see something you like
-in a state of excitement (sexual and non-sexual)
When looking at a member of the opposite sex that looks attractive, you say shmeow.
by Sandy Toves a.k.a. soviet_star05 September 24, 2005
To be so chill and relaxed, mellow state of existence and being. To be completely content with your existing atmosphere.
lowell: im fkn shmeoooowwwwww dag
moe: yo me too. sara is so shmeoww
sara: fuck dude im so shmeow right now
by shmeowcow January 30, 2010
Shmeowing is not intercourse, it's lightly tapping a vaginal or anal hole with your penis.
Girl: I am so hot right now, too bad we are in public with our friends.
Boy: Lets go shmeow in the bathroom real quick, they'll never know.
by ahmandaplz February 17, 2014
A word spoken from one lover to another, aknowledging each others conversation.
Him: Hey, I love you.
Her: Shmeows !
Him: Let's go for a nice walk today.
Her: Shmeows.
Him: Shmeows !!
by Shatdizzle April 17, 2011

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