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The bit of time spent waiting between having a wee and a poo. The shmed is non existent if both occur at same instance. There must be a delay for the shmeed to exist.
You go do a wee and then you have a shmeed and then you poo.
by Milena Lukic November 21, 2007
Dumbass or an Idiot:
A person who has either done something wrong or stupid.
Polly you are such a shmeed!
by Natalie Pal February 21, 2005
smokeable substance, slang also for Vagina and the name of several pets around the globe.
"Dude are you going to spark some of that shmeed up or what?" OR "Do you have any cream? My shmeed really itches!"
by Jennifer August 27, 2003
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