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Meat or meat products produced by factory farming, CAFOs, or other unethical practices.

Combines "shit" and "meat".
Bro 1: Wanna hit up that Micky D's?
Bro 2: Hells no, I don't eat those shmeat burgers man!
Bro 1: So what you eat, bro?
Bro 2: I get certified human meat, man. Then I cook it myself.
Bro 1: Word.
by noshmeat January 26, 2011
31 19
n., a lab-created meat product; essentially, animal tissue which has been cultured for the purpose of consumption without harm to animals.
PETA is a fan of shmeat.
by Joe Vegetarian December 10, 2008
67 26
Amalgamation of "shit" and "meat", animal tissue engineered in a petri dish, sponsored by PETA, supposedly with the aim of replacing meat for consumption.
"Shmeat is such a horrible name, it sounds like what you get when you cross shit and meat." -- cdog, article comment

"If it looks like an egg yolk made of blood, it's shmeat"
by Andariel Halo March 17, 2009
56 27
To have, small penis. Roughly no more then 3 inches. No more girth then 2 inches.
Danny has a serious case of shmeat.
by Rheptar. June 06, 2009
34 31
meat made from faeces.
The shmeat burger was delicious!
by dend4u June 18, 2011
4 6
A shortened version of the name of Shmeagle, from the Lord of The Rings. Someone acting ugly.
Ashley is shmeaty by falling asleep.
by ShmeatSquad69 October 15, 2011
3 8
Small penis or dick, also reffering to any person or anything. It can be used for anything anyone and anything can be a shmeat
Damn you got a shmeat.

You are such a shmeater shut up you shmeat.

Shmeat shut the fuck up you got a shmeater.
by gaybutsex01 November 27, 2006
24 45