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A word used by a townie to threaten other people.
'eary'are, d'y'wa't a shmack, yo?
by lollers July 10, 2003
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To spit game or flirt or to fuck
go shmack wit that chick

i wanna shmack wit that chick
by CJLienert October 08, 2008
Another word for "oh fuck" or "damn it"
Ah shmacks I just got fired!
by shmacks July 29, 2009
a term uttered after some one has been insulted, usually by an audience member.
Person One:"You're mama's so dirty, she wipes her feet off to go outside"
Audience: "OOOOO, Shmack!"
by seesee July 19, 2003
What you say to someone when you want to slap them across their face
"Leo shut the fuck up or I will shmack you across your face
by DerralJ909111 December 19, 2008
To put the bone down
Josh was so drunk that he put the shmack with that big nappy ho from the club
by Conrad Wetherford October 04, 2007
The act of ripping off someone's money.
My brother sold his laptop overpriced. What a shmack!
Manage to buy a brand new shoes yesterday. I shmacked my friend from buying my old laptop.
by Geetz January 11, 2011

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