Pretty much what's been said above, but shmaa can also be used as a cover up for shit! =D
Kim: Oh Sh-

Miss: WHAT were you about to say??

Kim: Oh Shmaa! I was about to say, "Oh Shmaa!" =D
by Kimage March 05, 2008
Top Definition
Shmaa is less of a word and more of a sound. It was pioneered by the animated series Undergrads and is used in speech when there is basically nothing better to say. It can also be used to replace words such as "What?" or "I Don't Know".
Jimbo: Hey Doug! Did You get the dog's feces stuck in your bum?

Doug: Shmaa?
by XPECEHE October 20, 2006
a person,or something.
best word ever mf!
i love my shmaa
you are a shmaa
your jealous because your not a shmaa like me
bruce is a shmaa
by shmaagirl13 March 20, 2008
a person,thing, or describing.
the best word ever mf!
nice shmaa,
i love my shmaa,
you are a shmaa,
your jealous that your not a shmaa like me.
bruce is a shmaa.
by shmaagirl13 March 18, 2008
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