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Shly (Adj): To be ridiculously slimy, oily, or otherwise greasy, while at the same time being very sly. The y sound can be accentuated, "Shlyyyyy".

"Sir, may I be excused from the lesson, I have an appointment with proffessional."

"What a shly dog."


"Apologies, my table tennis tournament, the TTTT, has had to be...terminated. There will be no refunds."

"Hisssssssssssss, shly! Shly!"
by ßæ$† September 28, 2009
Incredibly sly- likely to steal your money, double-cross you, or lie to you- pronounced slowly.
What do you mean you won't gimme the ticket, I already paid...Alex, you're very shly.
by meeehfd September 28, 2009

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