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The sound a wet beanie makes as you pull it onto your head.
Dude Skeeter, when you put your beanie on it went Shlunk !!!!
by Roy Muntz January 13, 2009
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giant pile of snow, dirt, cigarette butts, urine, salt, trash, dog poo, used condoms and other gutter detritus that refuses to melt. Can be cured to the hardness of concrete with a light rain. Typically found on sidewalks and blocking pathways, forcing pedestrians to risk life and limb by walking in the ding-dang street.
For the love of god, look at all this fucking shlunk on the sidewalk. Disgusting!
by boboze March 30, 2015
A moron, a fool or jackass.
"That guy is such a shlunk he couldn't find his ass with both hands..."
by osage December 04, 2007

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