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The word Oprah Winfrey made up a long time ago to describe slumpy housewives, the types that are wearing the same sweats they wore yesterday and the day before. They usually have more than one child and are running around non stop and have been totally worn out and given up on how they look.
"On today's episode, Oprah decided to give makeovers to a group of shlumpadinka friends.
by Megan Dickinson February 20, 2008
Word created by Oprah Winfrey referring to a woman who dresses as though she has completely given up.
My girlfriend is a shlumpadinka, she wears nothing but sweats
by emilypsmith February 20, 2008

1.)a woman who has completely given up on herself; unstylish.
Mom, please don't go to the grocery store dressed like a shlumpadinka.
by M.E. Mangin April 10, 2008
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