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A word with a wide and broad definition. Phonetically speaking, the word it self sounds offensive (see: "slut"), when in fact it is not offensive at all. It may be used as a replacement for any word that has a vague likeness to it's pronunciation (see ex. 1). Or, it may be used as a curse word (see ex. 2).
Example 1:

A) "Could you please shloot the door?"
B) "Yes, but of course"

Example 2:

A) "SHLOOT! I just stubbed my toe!!"
B) "That must have shlooting hurt, eh?"
by OoodlesofNoodles September 04, 2010
A cross mix Between Shoot and Sh*t Created for the young ones to keep them from getting a flogging.
Shloot! I just got stabbed in my head and i'm bleeding internally!
by McCareins81JETS December 23, 2004

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