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this is how Germans pronounce the english word "sleep".
mom:Now go to shleep! ya?
son:But i dont vanna! :C
by blank babushka October 03, 2009
1. Imaginary sheep that you count to get to sleep.
2. A sleepy sheep
When I went to Australia, I sheared a shleep.
by Shleepy July 31, 2008
Sleeping Sheep: The masses that are still asleep on important issues. They are cultivated the same way cows are cultivated for milk and meat, or like chickens for their eggs and meat or more accuractly for their wool. Shleep hearded by the government.
Why bother try to educate hopeless people? They are still shleeps. They are content living in their fantasy while they are being shared bald for their money... i mean.. wool.
by American Spirit May 31, 2012
dreaming of sheep as you sleep
when your parents hear a baaa coming from your room-
she must be shleeping
by singer201998 July 13, 2009
having symptoms of sleep, while intoxicated or under the influence of any non-prescription drugs.
that hobo was so shleepy he didn't finish the bean burrito I bought him.
by Ricky Jagger June 12, 2016
When you can't really sleep, so you go on bed to count sheep.
You broke my heart. Bye, I'm gonna go shleep.
by Elegance Tea February 28, 2012
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