Top Definition
1.) A person that's not gangsta but acts like one
2.) A poser
3.) A loser
See that white kid with the doo-rag and baggy pants? He's a shizznipple. Fo sho.
by Colonel Pork December 11, 2008
an involuntary squirt or leak of liquid or milk from the female nipple. Occasionally painfull and often happens when pregnant or passin through puperty.
Last night i had a really painful "shizznipple".

I "shizznippled" on my boyfriend.
by Jaron, Tom, Daniel August 21, 2007
Nipples that stick out through one's shirt or nipples that sag down.
Watch out for that guy's shizznipples, they might poke you!
by Serenepan December 13, 2010
very random word used to disturb someone.
WHAT the shizz nipples
by loop da pussy July 27, 2010

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