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1.) A person that's not gangsta but acts like one
2.) A poser
3.) A loser
See that white kid with the doo-rag and baggy pants? He's a shizznipple. Fo sho.
by Colonel Pork December 11, 2008
7 2
an involuntary squirt or leak of liquid or milk from the female nipple. Occasionally painfull and often happens when pregnant or passin through puperty.
Last night i had a really painful "shizznipple".

I "shizznippled" on my boyfriend.
by Jaron, Tom, Daniel August 21, 2007
5 2
Nipples that stick out through one's shirt or nipples that sag down.
Watch out for that guy's shizznipples, they might poke you!
by Serenepan December 13, 2010
0 0
very random word used to disturb someone.
WHAT the shizz nipples
by loop da pussy July 27, 2010
2 2