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The result of switching from anal sex to vaginal sex without changing condoms(if one is used)
Damn this morning jenna's vagina smelled like shit after the shitty kitty last night.
by NiggerFaggot_Blownuts September 21, 2009
72 53
This term refers to a male bottom, particularly to the dirty state of his man pussy (hence the name 'shitty kitty'). His ass assumes this label upon discovery that his rectum was actually not completely empty, has been replenished by his sigmoid colon during the heat of passion and/or was never cleaned out to begin with. This is indicated by the presence of shit on the dick (or other object of insertion) of the unsuspecting top and/or the horrid stench of fresh shit.
This term may sometimes be heard during conversation between gay men regarding sexual encounters. "Obviously some guys aren't aware of the 'no shitty kitty' rule. Hello! No shitty kitties!"
by timmyboi December 09, 2006
52 44
"Shitty kitty" is a nickname for the USS Kitty Hawk, the only remaining conventionally-powered aircraft carrier in the U.S. Navy. Currently the second oldest ship in the Navy (after the USS Constitution), the Kitty Hawk has seen better days and is due to be decomissioned at the beginning of 2009.
"Did you see that aircraft carrier come into port the other day?"

"Yeah, that was the Shitty Kitty coming back from Japan."
by Millard Killmore August 17, 2008
36 32
A slang name for Labatt's low end brand of Canadian beer Wildcat. The company markets the beer as "A mellow aged Canadian lager, brewed to go down easy. Discover a quality Canadian beer that is always good value."
Yeah go grab a Shitty Kitty from the Litter Box (aka beer cooler)
by Amac82 July 25, 2011
14 13
Nickname for Food Lion, a chain of discount grocery stores in the Southeastern United States.
Let's roll over to the Shitty Kitty and see what's on sale.

Sure, I'm always down to pick up some grub at the Ghetto Cat.
by buttcheeksmalone March 26, 2013
0 1
1. The small, feces covered feline that runs around inside ones brain the morning after an evening of excessive drinking.

2. An extremely hungover individual.
1. "The shitty kitty just won't go away this morning, I'm never drinking again."

2. "Man, you were really hammered last night."
"Yeah, but I've been a shitty kitty all day today."
by shittykittyallday January 18, 2010
11 20
A very unhappy or disappointing situation. Usually used in conjuntcion with "Sad Panda", Shitty Kitty is a step further down on the unhappy/ disappointment scale.
Tara: "This has been a horrible day!! I hurt my arm at work, then I found out that my boyfriend (whos deployed) wont be able to call me today :("

Audra: "Awww, sad panda :("

Morgan: "No, thats not EVEN sad panda... thats totally shitty kitty..."
by AeroGirl198457 June 14, 2010
3 18