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Shittocane: A shit storm of epic proportions. A storm of such massive scale that they are usually seen only once every one-hundred years.
The one and only thing worse than being on the receiving end of a shitstorm, is being on the receiving end of a shittocane
by Darsholn January 20, 2010
A shit storm of epic proportions which is usually brought about when the "good guy" puts a story about an unsuspecting "bad guy" on the internet. Major news websites eventually pick up the story, and there is such an outrage that the "bad guy" usually ends up being forced to do the "right thing" after hundreds or thousands of phone calls and emails are sent.
I bet Glenn Hyundai in Lexington Kentucky had no idea of the shittocane they were stirring up by screwing that guy out of his new car.
by jalopniker January 20, 2010
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