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A quantity of time in which one reads as he/she shits. It is a quantifier of how long a book is, and how long it takes to read. Most books take about 5 or 6 shits to read, based on an average shitting time of 35 minutes.
A Clockwork Orange is a good book, but it's really hard to read, it took me 8 sessions of pure shitting time to understand it.
by RiverIsland July 13, 2010
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When one gets accustomed to a time consuming activity (e.g. going to the gym, learning a language, ect.) a then quits. That person is then shitting time, because they now have so much time, which was previously unavailable to them.
He recently stopped boxing so now hes shitting time.
by Krmic February 01, 2014

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