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Another term for "shitty". Horrible, disgusting, atrocious, gobsmacking, putrid.
i.e. 1. Bill plays his music shittily.
2. Shittily is the way Bill plays guitar.
by Blacktail September 10, 2006
18 16
The adverb to describe an action performed like shit.
This cup holder is shittily made. It doesn't hold my drink.

That person is parked in three spots. They parked shittily.
by Dani Skol February 28, 2006
76 8
-when an action is performed below moral or proffesional standards.
-When something is not going well.
The way the TTC handled their strike was done very shittily
by Borrris April 26, 2008
17 9
adverb- describing a verb done in a bad way.
He described the movie in a shittily manner.
by camilalim February 23, 2014
4 0
Something so shitty that it needs an extra syllable.
Danica Patrick drives shittily in NASCAR.
by dzarovit February 25, 2010
11 8
Denver traffic system.
The freeways in Denver are so shittily made.
by Whitey421 December 01, 2007
10 9
(adj) A description of the condition in which an action was completed.
This piano is pretty shittily made, it sounds like a dying cat.
by Gordon Fuckington October 20, 2011
2 2