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An odd moment when somethings goes strangely.
A Crazy wacko person
That one time when I got all angry and threw my shoe out my car window and hit that guy in the head was Crazo.

Did you see that Crazo jogging in the middle of the Highway?
by Borrisrishaw May 04, 2008
-when an action is performed below moral or proffesional standards.
-When something is not going well.
The way the TTC handled their strike was done very shittily
by Borrisrishaw April 26, 2008
Just like the word infinity, but cooler.
Who has time for an "I" and an "N" anyway?
Dude 1: "Not It!"
Dude 2: "Not it!"
Dude 3: "Not it times finity!"

Dude 3 wins

(Times finity always wins, unless you stamp it. This can only be overruled by stamped it times finity)
by Borrisrishaw May 13, 2009

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