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When something happens when you got self-pwned and you can't do anything about it.

Stemming from when you buy a Samsung Android device, it can crash or you'll never get upgrades or support sucks when you have problems - you got shitsunged.
My Android device is two versions behind and the company won't upgrade it even tho it was promised, I got shitsunged.

I bought a new car and the engine fell out, and the manufacturer does not admit it's a problem - I got shitsunged.
by got_shitsunged September 23, 2011
The proper term for Samsung.
The Shitsung Galaxy S5 has the same fingerprint sensor as the iPhone 5s,but the unlocking method was "modified" just so Shitsung could avoid being sued,especially after the legal battle that took place in 2012.
by iPhoneiPadiPodiMac August 05, 2014
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