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AKA Mustang, the biggest piece of shit on the road driven by queers and anal pirates/some dumb bitches
HA! look at that Shitstang, man it sucks
by JV May 13, 2004
A Car a chea broke jewish person in eastchester drives that looks worse that the shit that comes out of anyones ass
Damn is that Ken in that Shitstang
by Big AL pimpin April 24, 2007
SLOW ASS Mustang.

Mostly used to describe V6 Ford Mustangs.

In some cases, but very rarely, V8 Mustangs are also acceptable.
Person 1: My b16 vtec hatch can smoke your blacked-out Shitstang.

Person 2: In your dreams rice boy, American Muscle rules!!!
by HEY BILL January 12, 2010
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