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1. Used as a common phrase for a negative situation.

2. A guest on the webshow "The Angry Nintendo Nerd", starring in the episode "Master Chu And The Drunkard Hu"

1. D'aww shitpickles! This sucks!
by Kaege September 21, 2007
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1) Derogatory name for the slasher movie "Jack-o" (2005). Mention of the word "shit pickle" in the DVD's commentary caused the director to leave the room.

2) Cartoon character created by Mike Matei and voiced by James Rolfe ("Angry Nintendo Nerd"). Shit Pickle is best friends with Dick Pickle and Tit Pickle.
"We discussed this commentary before we ever got into this and you specifically stated you would not make any reference to the shit pickle comment. (...) OK, I know, and you laughed your ass off and you told me you were laughing when you said shit pickle! As a matter of fact, you said shit pickle more than once!! You said that's so funny!! Shit pickle!! Shit pickle!!!"
by Simmerl October 03, 2007
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A turd left in the toilet.
OK, who left the shit pickle in the punch bowl again!
by Digger September 02, 2005
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nomenclature for a rough situation in life, similar to a pickle in baseball.
"Precious got her car stuck in a ditch."

"Wow, sounds like she got herself into a real shit pickle."
by tystroh November 02, 2009
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A pickle covered in shit to give it a more pleasurable taste.
Bob: I don't like pickles!
Scott: Then try a shitpickle! Tastes way better that plain!
by TheWindSoldier May 08, 2010
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After a man is finishing up pounding dat ass and pulls his dick out and it's covered in shit. He now has himself a shit pickle!
I was tapping that ass so hard I pulled out with a shit pickle.
by shitpickles June 08, 2014
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After anal sex the man's dick is covered with shit.
by USAISWEIRD May 28, 2015
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