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11 definitions by TheWindSoldier

A crappy online FPS game that any one can play. It's free to download. The graphics suck and it's full of 9 year old fags that talk shit when you kill them.
-You kill a noob-

Noob:Get a life noob
You: Wow just because I killed you
Noob: stfu

-You then realize how much Soldier Front Sucks-
by TheWindSoldier April 03, 2010
A Crappy bookmark bought in Mexico.
Teacher: Where did you get that bookmark
Student: In Mexico
Teacher: That's a crappy bookmark!
by TheWindSoldier April 01, 2010
A Way to bypass the censor in online games.
Noob: Stop using grenades noob!
Person: Suck my D1ck!
by TheWindSoldier March 31, 2010
The act of taking a shit in the toilet and forgetting to properly flush it.
Bob: John, Please don't inflirment in the toilet.
by TheWindSoldier April 04, 2010
Slang word for a Gay person who likes putting fruit shaped bits in his butt.
Bob: Hey
Jack: Don't be gay
Bob: I'm not gay.
Jack: Yeah your not gay, Your a FruityMcGayMan
Bob: Okay.
by TheWindSoldier April 01, 2010
A Game where you light your penis on fire and see how long you go before you scream in pain.
Jack: Why do you look so sad?
Bob: I played Puffadick.. And I lost...
by TheWindSoldier April 03, 2010
A gay ass firewall that won't let you go to websites such as MySpace, Facebook, ect. It also blocks websites that show naked ladies. It is also hard to disable.
Bob: Hey Jack, lets look at some naked ladies!
Jack: We can't because of my Netgear Firewall.
by TheWindSoldier April 11, 2010