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A situation that is, was, or will be completely fucked up. A sequence of events that much like a fierce Typhoon leaves only misery in its wake, which is the origin of its name. It's like a great Typhoon, but instead of wind and rain, it's made up of Shit and Piss. Once you're in a Shitphoon run to your happy place shelter, because it's only going to get worst.
Guy 1: "Dude! A teacher found your pot!"

Guy 2: "What the Fuck! Are you kidding me!?"

Guy 1: "Eric was passing it around during class."

Guy 2: "What the Fuck Eric! What the Hell am I supposed to do?"

Guy 1: "I don't know dude, but don't show up to school today, you'll be walking right into a Shitphoon."
by The Four Heavenly Kings February 17, 2010
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