Someone who acts like a complete and total asshole.

A person who has excessive regard for rules and authority.

Someone who is so full of shit that they might accurately be said to be hogging it.
Look at that kid over there. He's got four pencils all sharpened to exactly the same length, a slicked-down side parting, and yesterday he went to the principal cos two of the guys were smoking out the back.

Probably spend his entire adult life giving out parking tickets.

What a shithog!
by Pipe Downn October 02, 2009
Top Definition
Someone who acts like a complete and total asshole. A person who has no regard for rules, respect or authority.

"That dude is driving in the left lane, talking on a cell phone, driving five miles under the speed limit and has a child in the car not wearing a seatbelt. What a shithog!!!"
by Maimee April 19, 2007
a complete asshole; someone who has no respect for rules or authority.
My son is a real shit hog. He does only what he wants to do and doesn't care about how his actions will effect anybody but him.
by frizzlefryporcelaingod814 December 19, 2009
Colloquial term for a hired or appointed Government or Corporate Criminal Thug who abuses his/her authority in order to bully & terrorize citizens whom they arrogantly regard as being "beneath them".

Term used by Sheriff Sid Hatfield toward coal-company
thugs sanctioned by Gov't to harass & abuse coal miners

out of joining the union during the Mingo County, WV coal field wars back in the 1920s. Seen in the movie:
You Shit-Hogs so much as lift a finger in this town and
I'll put you under! Sid Hatfield
by RagingZits March 01, 2011
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