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That special cigarette that seems to come in every pack which induces the need to shit.
You will know you've had a shiterette, when you step out to smoke and any possible bathroom signals your body has previously sent to your brain, unnoticed, suddenly hit you full force after your first drag or two. A shiterette is usually impossible to enjoy because - although you refuse to do the sensible thing by extinguishing your smoke, going to the bathroom and returning to smoke afterward - the whole time you are smoking, you can't enjoy it because all you can think about is how badly you have to take a shit.
Rent Fan - "Oh my god, Sister Christian, why are you standing all stiff and uncomfortable? Enjoy your smoke break, already. It's like a little vacation!"
Sister Christian - "I got a shiterette and all I can think about is my damn gas pains, fool."
Rent fan - "Oh my god! Don't even get me started on butt problems!"
by Joshua Jordan Nordyke August 23, 2008
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