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A young girl, sometimes of unconsentable age, who may have sexual affiliations with the opposite sex, but only if their age is much greater than their own. Shit-nel's are known greatly for their ability to piss off siblings, parents, and other close family members. On some occasions, Shit-nel's cause plants to die when the Shit-nel comes within five to 10 feet from said plant.
"Look how pissed off everyone is! Stop being a Shit-nel!"

"All my plants are dead!! Must be that Shit-nel coming around again."
by Super Frajiibo April 10, 2009

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Noun \shit-nul\

: Shrapnel that results from an explosive release of diarrhea. Usually plastered on the inside of a toilet bowl, but can be anywhere.
"I suppose I should get the toilet brush; there's a lot of shitnel in the shitter after taco night."
by MCShitter March 11, 2014
When you have an explosive shit that leaves residue on the inside and under seat of the toilet.
Dude 1 "Man I'm not usin' that basin, there's shitnel everywhere."
Dude 2 "Yeah, what went off in there?"
by Jacoola April 17, 2009