one of those bland papers your teacher lets you grade- "real papers written by real students" even though you know it was written in an overly obvious way by a 40 man who works for the government. then she tells you graded it the wrong way.
jesus christ!! i had to grade 17 fucking shit sheet's tosay!!
by mitchel parker June 12, 2007
Top Definition
To place dog or other animal feces in ones sheet to surprise them at bed time. The victim usually becomes violent so you must hide or be prepared to defend yourself. Best done at a party or for retaliation.
The highlight of the party was when I shit sheeted Johnny. The low point is when he returned with his gun.

I Shit Sheeted Shaniqua. Then got my ass kicked and she hit the showers.
by Dawn Butz April 12, 2011
Synonymous for toilet paper, but specifically a brand of toilet paper yielding superior quality for the purpose of taking a shit.
Dude! Did you use all the shit sheets AGAIN???
by Captian Dinosaur Wrangler March 07, 2011
Toilet paper.
We need to buy more shit sheets
via giphy
by Wicked Mainah July 26, 2016
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