The sandwich-like arrangement of sequentially getting drunk, smoking weed, and getting more drunk, leaving one to feel like shit.
Last night I was going to smoke a bowl, but I regrettably had a shit sandwich instead.
by The Shit Sandwich December 10, 2010
Placing toilet paper down before taking a shit to prevent skidmarks on the toilet bowl.
I had to shit at my girlfriend's house and didn't want to leave skidmarks oin her toilet, so I simply laid down some toilet paper to make a shit sandwich.
by Al Pow January 15, 2010
Life is like a shit sandwich.The more bread you have,the less shit you'll have to eat! For Charlie Ferrari R.I.P.
shit sandwich,life ,shit,eat,bread
by J.FordO January 06, 2007
The type of sandwich someone just ate who has particularly bad, shit-smelling breath.
Holy crap! Dan's breath smells like he just ate a shit sandwich!
by Percy McDugan May 21, 2004
during a threesome with some hot little guys,one must shit on ones chest and have another lad squelch together on him whilst the other guy watches and sprays his duck butter on them
me,jonathan and christian had a lovely shit sandwich last night
by FB January 31, 2005

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