Symbolic of the human condition in a market-driven capitalist society.
Life is like a shit sandwich; the more bread you have, the less shit you gotta eat.
by roadcoder May 12, 2008
What you call food that a restaurant worker has done something unsavory to. (I.e. Spitting in it)
That server spit in my roast beef. Now it tastes like a shit sandwich.
by revolution2424 February 06, 2015
what your breath smells like
damn your breath smells like you ate a shit sandwich
by nigga lipz March 12, 2010
A project assigned to you at your place of employment that is destined to fail. Basically, your employer has asked you to make a sandwich using shit, and they want you to somehow make it taste good. Add all the lettuce and tomatoes you want, it will still be a shit sandwich.
You think you've had a bad day, Johnson gave me another shit sandwich and he wants it tomorrow morning!
by Sacramento Matt May 21, 2008
1) What fudge packers take to a picnic

2) Barack Obama in bed between Hillary and Joe Biden
1) Dave: Look at those two guys holding hands and eating at the picnic

Joe: Oh! thats just Wolf and Anderson, the turd burgulars are having a picnic. Look at Anderson tear into that shit sandwich
by freethecheeba August 05, 2009
Placing toilet paper down before taking a shit to prevent skidmarks on the toilet bowl.
I had to shit at my girlfriend's house and didn't want to leave skidmarks oin her toilet, so I simply laid down some toilet paper to make a shit sandwich.
by Al Pow January 15, 2010
Being forced to accept an extremely unpleasant situation as part of a bargain.
I like Windows well enough, but I wish Microsoft wouldn't force-feed me that shit sandwich Internet Explorer along with it. It's a bloated memory hog and a security risk, and you can't even remove the damn thing.
by Logic316us April 08, 2008
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