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A shit list is a mental list of things or poeple that have annoyed you recently. usually completed in a mental top 10 of annoyances for the most recent times and used as a public display of annoyance without offending people directly.
If some-one winds you up.. they have entered your shit list. It's a more polite way of telling them where they can get off.

You could tell them that they have entered at number 1 on your shit list.

Or.. "That's gotta be top 3 on my shit list"
by Aaron Tuckwell June 23, 2006
(n) a list of entities exhibiting general disfavorability, particularly as a result of transgression. Presumably these entities will not receive the normal benefits enjoyed by those not on the list.
(v) the act of placing someone on said list.
Every single thing I've bought from Black & Decker, two coffeemakers and a rice cooker, has totally stopped working. They are *SO* on my shitlist.
by nplastic January 28, 2004
The list of banned, blacklisted.
He's on the shit list. Don't let him in.
by Neurowave February 22, 2003
A metaphorical list in which people who are in ill favor with a given individual are placed.
that beeotch has been pissing me off for the last week, she's going on my shitlist
by kpaxken February 28, 2005
If you don't like a person they are in your shit list AKA Hit List
If a person is in your shit list that means you hate them and are planning to do something to them
by ac February 09, 2004
Something you get put on if you've managed to offend, hurt, humiliate, contradict, disagree, bad mouth, lie, or cheat someone.
Hey man, how you going? Guess what, I'm on Jimmy's shit list! Why? Well I disagreed with him and now I'm on his shit list.
by TD3 August 19, 2010
The short list of people you would feel comfortable talking to while simultaneously dropping a deuce.
I often ponder my shit list in the Starbucks bathroom.
by Ae5Ea8 January 10, 2016
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