(interjection) An expression of irritation or anger that exploits the ironic juxtaposition of the scatalogical expletive "shit" with the harmless fluffy imagery of kittens. Also alludes to the colloquialism that one is so nervous/upset that one could birth kittens, or shit something unusual.
Oh shitkittens! I left my cell phone at home.
by Sarah Keebs August 05, 2005
Top Definition
The state of being so angry that the colon will actually manifest and expell cute little kittens from the rectum. Usually used to describe someone's presumed reaction to an event or occurance.
"Man, the boss is going to shit kittens when he reads this report."

"Dude, your wife is going to shit kittens when she finds out you forgot about your aniversary!"

"My girlfriend shit kittens when I told her I thought she looked fat in those jeans."
by Silenthunder December 29, 2009
To be so cute that even one's excrement is as adorable as a young feline.
Did you see that girl playing beach volley ball? She was so cute she'd shit kittens.
by RodgerDogger May 05, 2010
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