a very painful punishment indeed, a shit kick is when you make a blunder and suffer being kicked in the anus, hoping that said punisher's foot does not reach your fecal matter and push it deeper in, which could result in days of constipation.
"awww dude i just got shit kicked by that guy cause i was sleeping with his girl!"
"damn man you better take lots of lax"
by memedonttouchmeme June 23, 2008
Top Definition
A forceful kick that is so hard that it causes the recipient to shit his or herself.
Shut up or I'll shit kick you, said Mike to Chris.
by Batman0122 July 07, 2009
To kick the shit out of someone. Literally.
Fuck, I wanna shitkick that motherfucker.
by mickz April 27, 2005
To utterly destroy the opposition, leave no ends loose.
I shitkicked you at rock paper scissors.
by Charles Storms July 04, 2007
An individual lacking in originality, wit and general humour. Usually a bottom feeder who finds amusement at the cost of others. An all round non-contributer to life.
Shut up, shitkick.
by rach230390 March 16, 2011
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