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The act of pooing, but instead of plopping into a toilet it gets cradled in your ass hair and just hangs there like a bat in the cave.
"dude What the fuck is that smell"
"oh bro, i got shit hammock'd today its just tragic."
by Nick penutbutter January 27, 2010
Its when you build a hammock out of toilet paper in the middle of the toilet bowl to reduce or prevent your poop from plopping loudly into the water.
I had to poo real bad but there was someone else in the restroom so I had to make a shit hammock.
by dropthekids January 29, 2010
shitting on a piece of saran wrap and hanging it across an empty doorway for someone unsuspecting to walk into.
David walked straight into my shit hammock
by Fuktupkid July 02, 2008