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A reference term for when you have a booger in your nose that is clearly visibly from the outside.
This context is found in an episode of Sex and The City.
Hey buddy, you have a bat in the cave. Need a Kleenex?
by Scott November 02, 2004
An obvious booger in one's nostril.
While touching your own nose, you say, "Hey Pal, you got a bat in the cave."
by SlimSloomy January 06, 2005
When a man forgets to do up his zipper
Mojo thought he had his 'Bat in the cave' until Nikki pointed out that his bat was about to fly out
by Laaa June 20, 2007
When u gotta poop and you feel it coming out and have to rush to the toilet to release the beast! LOL!
I give this definition credit to my good PAL kelly h.
"Kelly has a Bat in the Cave and needs to get it out fast before it flies out" lol, i dunno!
by B-Dizzle November 01, 2004
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