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Basically, Shit Music is anything that is talentless drivel that took a professional song writer seconds to write. pop music is a fine example of this.
by Nudger December 06, 2003
Shit music, is music that requires almost no talent to produce. The genre most commonly associated with Shit music is pop music, in which artists are rarely able to play the instruments to produce the music and often deliver poor vocals. Such an industry thrives on image; records are typically sold using sex or idolising the artists.
A prime example of shit music is the Spice Girls. This group are neither talented with instruments, nor can they sing. They can hereby by referred to as a 'shit band'. However, they were popular due to their 'girl power' image. When the group split up and tried to make it as solo artists (with the exception of one) all of their careers failed as their image was lost and all that was left was their weak voices.
by Jbjam2003 October 03, 2007
A bad piece of music, mostly one of a bad artist or a particularly bad piece of music hated by many.
Many Bieber songs are "shit music".
by Bepepepepep January 20, 2015
Shit Music is anything that you can't fucking stand listening to that kills your ears
Lou Reed is the definition of Shit Music with his album "Metal Machine Music"
He got stoned and decided to make his tunes out of guitar feed back, its guarenteed after a few minutes to make you want to commit suicide
by angie pangie pudding and pie April 22, 2008
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