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Person who for some inextricable reason attracts bad things and events to happen to them.
That bloke's a complete shit magnet - If he fell into a flowerbed he'd still smell of cack.
by Paul Gunn November 04, 2004
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Any person, in which trouble and drama, follows them everywhere they go.
"Stay away from that chick. She's a total shit magnet."
by D. Gould January 01, 2007
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Used in EMS and ER settings. Things are rolling along smoothly until a certain person arrives, then all the weird calls start or we get extremely busy. That person is the Shit Magnet. Most Shit Magnets already are aware of their condition to attract
problems for everyone or the entire department or crew.
Better be ready to work. So and SO will be here shortly and they are a real crap Shit Magnet.
by RSQYOU February 28, 2012
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Someone who for some inextricable reason attracts unpredictable and interesting events. Someone who finds trouble and likes it.
Phil is such a shit magnet. We went into the bank during a robbery.
by Titta 694u August 28, 2009
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"Dude, shes full of shit. I know, she must be a shit magnet..."
by the shitter June 04, 2007
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