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When you sit so long on the toilet that you get a ring around your ass from the seat.
A long night of eating cabbage, broccoli & cheese, and pickled lamb left me planted on porcelain so long the next morning that I got a shit hickey.
by hookandpull July 11, 2012
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1. An insult to a person; an asshole.
"You fucking shit hickey!"
by Jack-Lilac August 25, 2009
When you crap so long your turd hits the bottom of the bowl , does a U turn, heads back up and kisses you on your ass cheek.
OK! I seen skid marks before but whats these brown lip marks in your BVD's? OH! that's just from a Shit Hickey I got from eating too much Lesbian Pizza!
by StuPedasso February 24, 2012

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