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A latitude line in the United States which divides Idiots and Assholes
Goddamnit Johnathan! How can I get away from all these Assholes? Easy Thomas' ... Simply drive your beamer across the Mason-Dixon Line till you start running into Idiots!
by StuPedasso February 24, 2012
A Roman Gladiator who was driven insane by his own name.
Hey! Testiclees! ....Are you nuts?
Hey! Testiclees .....You got some balls!
by StuPedasso October 10, 2012
Substitute bait or personality enhancement to attract plastic, silicone bitches in lieu of a traditional pussy magnet.
Bill!, wheres your blind puppy? Ha! I sold that fleabag to a Vietnamese family and catch way more pussy by hanging this $5 bill out of my pants! Abe Lincoln is pussy velcro and wont crap on my carpet!
by StuPedasso September 16, 2012
A person who makes his living by collecting, handling, testing, storing, etc., stinking little shot glasses of other people's urine.
Hey Roy! ... I don't see you skulking around in public urinals much these days! That's true Vic! ... I sent in a matchbook cover and got my diploma as a PISS FELCHER and now I get paid to watch people piss!
by StuPedasso July 03, 2012
An invention I am working on which will be able to turn chicken shit into chicken salad
Dammit I'm hungry! Drop one of Obama's speeches into the Repoultrifier and make us a couple hundred sandwiches wouldja!
by StuPedasso February 24, 2012
An empty Domino's Pizza box found in a trashcan.
Hey! did Kimo find pizza in that shitcan?
No! It's lesbian pizza. He's just chewing on the box!
by StuPedasso October 10, 2012
When you crap so long your turd hits the bottom of the bowl , does a U turn, heads back up and kisses you on your ass cheek.
OK! I seen skid marks before but whats these brown lip marks in your BVD's? OH! that's just from a Shit Hickey I got from eating too much Lesbian Pizza!
by StuPedasso February 24, 2012

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