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Condition in which an individual is completely indoctrinated in to the mindset of a larger group, society, organization, religion, etc... to the point of delusion.
1. Jay couldn't understand me, he could only tow the party line. He clearly sees the world through Shit Goggles.

2. The Mormon missionary at the door was telling me some crap about "eternal bliss, on my own planet, with as many wives as I want." He was wearing some serious Shit Goggles.

3. They passed out the Shit Goggles on Monday, and on Wednesday, they all drank the Kool-Aid.
by pikamtn October 15, 2010
The opposite of Rose-Tinted Glasses, where by a person see's things for only the negatives, often embellished.
Oh come on Mike, your looking at life with Shit goggles mate.
by HedzDeathPunch December 10, 2010
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