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Shoes that are too big and capable of flicking shit with the tip!!
Check them shoes out, they are proper shit flickers!
by Zoe_1985 September 09, 2008
20 14
Shit flickers are disgustingly trollopy shoes one skank would wear normaly a little poor kid, they are often too big and look like old mens shoes.
WOW...ashley check billy dawes's SHIT FLICKERS!
by JC92 January 15, 2007
37 28
A pair of shoes that look like they are supposed to flick shit all over you.
Why do you own a pair of shitflickers from aldi? Go buy some new ones before you flick your own shit all over me!
by thescouser January 29, 2012
2 2
someone who works with horses, usually cleaning muck out of the stables.
see him, hes a shit flicker
by steve February 05, 2004
3 3
Pointy shoes which are used to pick up shit and then to flick that shit into somebody's face.
"woah, look at that girls' SHITFLICKERS"
i love you ryan,u'll always be my baby!!!
by bellagry September 16, 2005
6 9
A gay person who sticks their fingers up their lover's hole.
oh my god david it's in m eye
by eddy hitler June 06, 2005
4 7