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The act of pouring bubble bath, bath salts, or dish soap in the toilet prior to passing a bowel movement. Many people enjoy listening to sounds of nature records while performing a shit bath.
Kelly: "I feel like I have been neglecting my mud muffins lately. My poop has been nothing but good to me and I haven't done a single nice thing back. I'm going to treat the next one to a nice shit bath."
Dad: "Don't use the good laundry detergent."
by CATFOOODS January 18, 2012
The state of being engulfed by particles of fecal matter after one farts while wearing restrictive and wind proof clothing or in another enclosed space, such as a sleeping bag or jump suit.
"Dude, after that mexican food last night I ended up giving my girlfriend a nice shit-bath after we passed out."
by Scud Missle October 25, 2007
The best band in hardcore history.
Dork #1: "Dude, I just saw this band SHITBATH! Theyre fucking sick!"

Dork#2: "Those guys are fags."
by evancohen September 15, 2008
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