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Someone who gets wasted at a party and shits on the floor, the couch, and the wall. Then, the Shit Bandit leaves mysteriously, like a bandit, leaving his friends behind to clean up the mess. The "Party Pooper" is called a Shit Bandit because he steals the fun from the party, like a crafty, stinky, fecal-covered bandit.
When Tyler shit everywhere at the party, then mysteriously left, everyone knew that he was a real Shit Bandit.
by Gaz55 February 18, 2008
when you take a killer dump in one toilet and then quickly move to another toilet to wipe, leaving your dump uncovered and in all its glory for the next person
Damnit, who's the shit bandit?
by ohherrohans December 15, 2009
Person or persons that come to your house only for the purpose of using your toilet.
You guys are nothing but a bunch of shit bandits!
That guy is a total shit bandit.
by Wise Words July 15, 2011

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