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Violent and sudden onset of the shits. Usually at the most inconvenient time.
When someone is unknowingly given a laxative in a movie. See Van Wilder.
by Uncle Itchie December 04, 2003
when you feel very uncomfortable in your lower intestine, after an hour or so of farting and discomfort you shit your brains out. result: feeling very uncertain while shitting meaning you think you may throw up but you are not sure while filling your toilet with diarrhea. also if you shit long enough you asshole will feel like its on fire for roughly 15 mins.
the best way to make the feeling go away it just shit it all out.
it happens to everyone and its about to happen to me....
example: eating bad food or foods that dont mix. your body is able to digest them expect they come out in liquid form. it hurts for a long time before you actually shit. during that duration you have loud and stinky farts.
its called a shit attack because of the diarrhea that spews from the asshole
this all is sadly happing to me now and i know what im in for.

to prevent this eat bread with your meals to make nice solid and smooth shits lol. also don't eat old food or mix things like only chocolate and water on an empty stomach.

it happens to everyone once in a while
by Usmik674 February 09, 2009
A sudden, involuntary or uncontrollable urge to defecate, usually without prior notification or within a few seconds of notification.
Joe got sent home from work because he had a shitattack; our boss could no longer stand the foul stench.
by scottywayne29 October 23, 2010
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