A character from Inuyasha. A fox-demon so adorably cute that you just wanna punch him upside the cranium.
"I found out that my definition of Shippo was removed! YOU BASTARDS!! You people really hate freedom of speech these days. What? Do you not like me ripping into Wapanese people & emo-kids? First my definition of Michael Moore is removed, then Iraqi children, and now this one! You cocksuckers should just get over the fact that there ARE people sharper than you, and should be free to express their opinions! You people have no respect for people who work hard on things! These were what this nation was founded on, and now it's fuckwads like you who are trying to fuck society up with your little over-emotional bullshit, not to mention control EVERYTHING everyone says! Go fuck yourselves!"
-me ^_^
by Dave October 19, 2004
Top Definition
Shippo, alternate spelling Shippou, is a character on Adult Swim's Inuyasha. Although he was added for cute comic relief it is found many just want to crash in his cranium. Others wish to hug him.

After his father was killed by the 'Thunder Brothers' (his mother was never mentioned) he tried vainly to get revenge. He was stopped by Inuyasha and Kagome who later defeated the two brothers. He now travels with Inuyasha and Kagome and the other main characters.
Shippo: I am the weakest link!
#irritating #shipo #inuyasha #pointless #weak
by L. H. October 17, 2005
Japanese for tail.
Shippo No Uta, Japanese for "The Tail Song"
by Lauren January 02, 2004
A person that has a dependance on human suffering, in a non-deadly, mildly inoffensive way. For instance, calling his/her pray names like "Bumbaclown" or forming insulting but simple sentences like "You piece of faecal matter". This is generally followed by a dead arm or a painful arm-lock.

It is generally thought that a 'Shippo' is someone of large physical strength or prensence, but not necessarily that intelligent. And will sometimes turn upon friends when bored.
Shippo: Alright idiot-head? *punch*

Victim: Ow, mate you are being such a Shippo!
#shipman #shipmate #shippopotamus #bumbaclown #inoffensive
by Peeinta Dawind March 06, 2007
No longer produced beer from Nottingham.
James Shipstone & Sons was the name of a brewery based in New Basford in Nottingham, England that opened in 1852 and finally closed in 1991. The company produced the Shipstones brand of beer, known locally as Shippos.
#beer #nottingham #pint #shittos #drinking
by drbollocks April 17, 2008
The Most useless character in the Show "Inuyasha"
Inuyasha's gang (discluding shippo)
Hey lets ditch this useless piece of shit, all he does is doggy fuck Kagome
A ginger best friend who has the power to do anything
"I can do what I want, when I want, where I want cause I'm Shippo"
#vodka #ginger #bestfriend #div #chicken
by stevekid February 02, 2010
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