To kick someone's shin.
A shin kick.
Martin: You think you're a badman but I could take you!
Andy: Really??!!
Martin: Yeah!
Andy: *SHINK*
Martin: Owhhh you kicked my shin!
by St. Nicholas's Present Bag November 26, 2010
The Joining of the words "should" and "think" in Norfolk and Suffolk slang.


See also shew
Yaaarp, I Shink so
by NaTaahleee July 22, 2010
When a person performs an act of substantial awkwardness or does something entirely unreasonable. This term is usually applied to individuals who aren't normally considered awkward people.

When someone "shinks" while engaged with another person then they are said to have "shinked" on that person. In other words, to have shinked would be to have acted awkward to or around someone else.
"Kevin was hitting on some girl at that party last Thursday. He was doing good until he shinked all over her."

"I was walkin down the street when some guy just up and shinked on me. I was like "dude, wtf?" and was just like "oh, sorry man." some people, you know?"

"Look, if things start to get hairy just shink. They won't know what hit them."
by ObieTriceratops October 06, 2010
shit ink
All these people out there have really bad tattoos, they have 'shink'
by J1600 May 01, 2010
a word that could mean anything
shinks me it dey

yu geh de shinks yet boy?

person 1:pass dat ting fuh meh na
person 2:wah it is you really talkin bout boy?
person 1:de ting na......umm....wa yuh call it? shinks dey na
by bahh April 17, 2007
When someone hits your boob.
Jen: Wow Hannah, I like your shirt! What does it say?
Jen touches the shirt's text
Hannah: Jen get your hands off my shirt! You just shinked me!
by Dona T. Reid February 07, 2008
The combination of shady and kinky.
S&M is kinky, but S&M with 5 people, a donkey, and a video camera would be shink.
by rswa September 24, 2007

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