word for rich women who are extremely attractive and successful.
woman: i am such a shinger !!!!
man: yes i can see that.
woman: oh ? how so ?
man: you've got everything a woman could desire .
by calihot July 11, 2009
Top Definition
Shit on fingers, usually used during the act of sexual pleasure a.k.a pinky slip
I got shingers last night when i pinky slipped her, and she loved it! Now i will be sniffing my shingers all day!
by Angablina December 01, 2010
this is when you have some sort of faeces under your nail(s)
yuck! look and your shingers
by burkestrong March 29, 2010
A legendary word that have multiple meanings relative to the one percieving. Holy grail for people who speaks little
boy: You're shinger
shitty woman: !??!?!? does that mean i'm pretty????
boy: you lack wisdom woman!
by *---* January 14, 2007
The female act of sherk
Its when a female is fingering herself while she is taking a shit
Girl: I think that bitch shingers at my house
Dude: no fucking way
Maturbate fingering vagina
by Doggy queef April 15, 2016
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